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    1. This Client Privacy and Data Collection Policy Statement (the “Privacy Policy”) contains the  policies, procedures and practices to be followed by MJ Professional Services LLC and  any of its present or future subsidiaries (the “Company”) pertaining to the collection, use  and disclosure of personal information (the “Personal Information”) of an identifiable  person (the “Client”) that is a present, future or former Client of the Company. 

    2. The Company recognizes the confidential nature of the Personal Information in its care and  is accountable for the compliance of itself and its directors, officers, management,  employees, representatives and agents including consultants and independent contractors  (the “Staff”) in protecting this Personal Information. 

    3. For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, the term “Personal Information” has the meaning of  any information or collection of information in any form, whether oral, electronic or  written that pertains to the Client excluding information that is publicly available in its  entirety. Personal Information will also include any publicly available information that is  combined with non-publicly available information. 

    4. Personal Information includes but is not limited to name, home address, home phone  number, home email address, identity verification information, Social Security Number,  physical description, age, gender, salary, education, professional designation, personal  hobbies and activities, medical history, employment history, credit history, contents of  resume, references, interview notes, performance review notes and emergency contact  information. 

    5. The Company will implement policies and procedures that give effect to this Privacy Policy  including procedures to protect and secure Personal Information, procedures to receive,  investigate and resolve complaints, procedures to ensure adequate training of the Staff  concerning the Company's privacy policies, and procedures to distribute new and current  information pertaining to the Company's Privacy Policy.

    Corporate Privacy Policy 

    6. The Company and the Staff will at all times respect the confidentiality of the Personal  Information placed in its care. The Company will endeavor to ensure that the policies  affecting the collection, storage and disclosure of Personal Information reflect the  confidential nature of the information. 

    7. The Company will comply with all applicable privacy legislation and regulations in force  now and in the future related to protecting the confidentiality of Personal Information. 

    Purposes for which Personal Information is Collected 

    8. Personal Information will be collected, used and disclosed exclusively for purposes  pertaining to the services rendered with the Company. 

    9. The purposes for collecting Personal Information will be documented by the Company.  Personal Information will only be used for the stated purpose or purposes for which it  was originally collected. The purposes for which Personal Information is being collected  will be identified orally or in writing to the Client before it is collected. The person  collecting the information will be able to explain the purpose at the time that the  information is collected. 

    Knowledge and Consent 

    11. Knowledge and consent are required from the affected Client for the collection, use and  disclosure of all Personal Information subject to exceptions noted elsewhere in the  Privacy Policy statement. Consent will not be obtained through deception or  

    misrepresentation. Any use or disclosure of Personal Information will be within the  reasonable expectations of the Client. Subject to legal and contractual obligations, the  Client may withdraw their consent on reasonable notice. 

    Collection of Personal Information 

    12. The type and amount of Personal Information collected by the Company will be limited to  the minimum necessary to accomplish reasonable business purposes. Personal  

    Information will not be collected maliciously, indiscriminately or without a reasonable  business purpose. Personal Information will be collected using fair and lawful means. 

    Access by Authorized Company Representatives

    13. All Personal Information will be released internally only on a need-to-know basis. In the  course of normal and reasonable business practices it is the policy of the Company to  grant designated Company representatives access to Personal Information files. This  access will not exceed that necessary to accomplish the specific business function of the  Company representative nor the purpose for which the information was originally  collected. 

    Compliance with Privacy Policy 

    14. The Company will have a procedure that will allow the Client to challenge the Company's  compliance with this Privacy Policy. The Company will also have procedures to  promptly respond to Privacy Policy compliance challenges.

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